Smart up your body and brain!

The European Non-Governmental Sports Organisation (ENGSO), Panathlon International and the European Lotteries invite you to take part in #BEACTIVE squat & talk event during the European Week of Sport on 24 – 25 of September 2018 in Brussels.

Take up the “Bring Sally up” challenge & join discussion on gender and funding of physical activity!


#BEACTIVE & squat: Bring Sally up Challenge
Followed by a casual lunch

Time: Monday 24/09 at 11.30–14.00
Venue: Pharumlegal (Avenue des Arts 43) and Parc de Bruxelles

#BEACTIVE & talk: Seminar on gender and the funding of physical activity
Followed by a networking lunch

Time: Tuesday 25/09 at 10.30–14.00
Venue: Pharumlegal (Avenue des Arts 43)

Participation in the event is free of charge – but limited.
Register online today:

The European Week of Sport

The European Week of Sport takes place from the 23 – 30 of September. It is the European Commission’s initiative to encourage all Europeans to get moving and make everyone aware of the importance of physical activity. The movement began in 2015 and has inspired millions of people in 32 countries to #BeActive.

Being active is the solution to our generation biggest problems: obesity, loneliness, racism, depression… A solution can be found in everyday life – get moving in sport clubs and fitness centres or even at work, school or outdoors. #BeActive makes you be proud, be healthy, be together, be happy and be eco-friendly!