On February 7 – 9 2018, Philippe Vlaemminck and Beata Guzik took part in a “WLA/EL Marketing Seminar 2018” in London. At the conference, a number of top-class keynote speakers talked about communication strategies and social media campaigns in the lottery sector. The main theme of the Marketing Seminar was “Thinking SMALL!” and focused on how the marketing trends have changed in the last few years.

Philippe Vlaemminck and Beata Guzik explained the role of societal marketing in safeguarding and protecting lotteries against illegal operators. Lotteries and related services play an important role for society e.g. through the funding of good causes.

That special role needs to be recognized in discussions at the European level and that could be done through the concept of societal marketing which is more concerned about the consumer and the society. Social innovation could be brought into the Lotteries’ business model and be a part of a modern CSR 2.0 policy embedded in the Lotteries’ strategy.