The global and European sport sector is subject to important changes and challenges. While for many years doping was the only crucial problem, today match fixing and other international problems are the biggest threats to the survival of the sports model as we know it in Europe.

sports-inline-119540Because of our experience and our in-depth knowledge of the legal aspects under EU law and the EU case law, you can be sure that we can provide you with the best help possible.

At Pharumlegal we have broad experience and a thorough understanding of the sports sector and the international and European legal environment and can thus help you deal with the ever increasing legal complexities and numerous challenges involved.

Our field of action

In order to ensure you benefit from expert advice, we closely follow the global question of sports governance and the interactions between the specific sports governing bodies (FIFA, UEFA, etc.) and EU law (competition law & Internal market law), including:

  • Right to bet and other related IP rights
  • Sports integrity & match fixing problems
  • Sports infrastructure
  • Fair play rules
  • State aid issues


In addition, our team follows the regulatory developments at the level of the EU institutions (Art. 165 TFEU) and the Council of Europe (EPAS agreement) as well as the EEA states, and has been involved in major cases (at the CJEU) relating to match fixing and sui generis/copyright questions in connection to sport betting.

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