Trade law and EU External Relations

Our law firm is unique in operating a dedicated ‘EU external relations & trade law’-practice. It specialises in compound legal matters that arise from global supply chains into and out of European Union regulated markets.

This innovative practice emerged from the strong conviction that one must move beyond classical approaches to trade in order to serve the needs of multinational enterprises in a globalised legal environment.

Legal tools

In order to shape the EU market proactively in line with your commercial interests, we provide you with a wide variety of legal tools in line with your business objectives, which span national and international jurisdictions, and where the European Union market takes centre stage. These include:

  • Training of in-house legal counsel and staff
  • Predictive compliance
  • Analyses
  • Drafting of regulatory proposals
  • Forward-thinking, long-term regulatory strategies spanning the multiple legal frameworks that affect your goods or services


When it comes to litigation, we only turn to Courts as a last resort and insofar as it serves your larger objective.

 30 years of experience

Our team at Pharumlegal has up to 30 years of specialisation in this field, allowing us to effortlessly negotiate multiple interlocking legal jurisdictions, business environments and the political decision-making processes that shape the EU market of 28 member states.

Some of our highlights:

  • Representation and litigation for a global and European trade association in the EU Trade Barriers Regulation proceeding on gambling, and dispute settlement before the WTO; in support of and collaboration with the US Trade Representative.
  • Strategic representation of private and sovereign clients’ interests in agricultural negotiations at the WTO and the FAO, and negotiations with the European Commission on implementation of EU law in compliance with international trade law.
  • Litigation for a WTO Member before the dispute settlement bodies (Panel and Appellate Body) with regard to bananas, including compliance and retaliation.
  • Long-term regulatory strategy supporting our client’s business interests in the negotiation and implementation of the Council of Europe Convention on match fixing in the EU and its member states.
  • Legal training of officials of a EU member state government on the international legal dimension of the EU internal gas and electricity markets.
  • Supporting the Agents of a EU member state in its intervention in the highly exceptional Article 218 TFEU procedure before the EU Court of Justice (Opinion 1/14).

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