EU law

Our team operates a dedicated practice that provides you highly specialised strategy advice on EU regulated markets. Moreover we have an unrivalled track record in litigation before EU Courts. Having opted for an in-depth approach to EU regulatory affairs, our team at Pharumlegal stands out by due the fact that it focuses on EU law as a stand-alone practice, and has specialist knowledge in a select number of sectors.

In a nutshell, a EU regulatory and government affairs practice must be distinctly aware of the law as it relates to your commercial interests and broader European public policy developments. In these contexts, we focus on what can be achieved to support your business, rather than simply examining any possible constraints.

Industries of expertise

We represent private enterprises, trade associations and governments in these areas, and are thus uniquely positioned with our knowledge of EU law and regulated markets. Since the mid-1980s we have accumulated significant experience in the following sectors:

  • Gambling and lotteries
  • Sports
  • E-commerce
  • Fruits, vegetables and other food
  • Gas and electricity
  • Footwear


Our team can advise you on multiple areas of EU law, such as internal market issues, VAT & taxation, implementation of secondary law, notification, AML, data protection, etc.

Legal tools

To help you achieve your business objectives, we can provide you with a wide variety of legal tools to track and shape the highly politicised EU regulatory environment proactively so as to serve your interests.

These include the creation of forward-thinking short to long-term regulatory strategies across the European Union. As an integral part of that vision, we offer you a high level of experience in litigation before EU Courts, with over 94 cases completed. As with all other tools, litigation will solely be used as an option if and when it can serve your business interests most effectively.

 Some of our highlights

  • Over the past three decades, we have consistently acted as an agent for the Belgian Government in more than two dozen cases before the EU Court of Justice, relating to obstacles to trade in services, concessions, monopolies, fiscal measures and so on.
  • Strategic regulatory advice for a large trade association on legislative processes to support a comfortable legal environment proactively for the membership.
  • Legal training for various clients, including the in-house legal counsel of a multinational corporation on the implementation of EU law; as well as training for various public officials of a EU member state government on topics such as EU gambling law and the international legal dimension of the EU gas market.
  • Long-term regulatory strategy supporting our client’s business interests in the drafting and implementation of a Council of Europe Convention on match fixing in the EU and its member states.
  • In total, over 80 cases (annulment, preliminary reference, interim proceedings, interventions, infringement proceedings and Art 218 TFEU) before the General Court, the Court of Justice and the EFTA Court, including landmark cases on the direct effect of WTO law and the absence of mutual recognition in the EU internal gambling market and a very rare case of the annulment of a European Commission’s Recommendation before the General Court. Representation of an international undertaking before the General Court in an alleged cartel case.
  • Expert and proactive advice to prepare and assist the EU Presidency of a member state leading to the adoption of Council Conclusions on gambling services.

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