Gambling law

At Pharumlegal we provide ongoing assistance to various operators and/or suppliers of other games on gambling and betting market on all gambling-related legal & regulatory aspects. We have been involved as a Member State representative in every gambling case before the CJEU and the EFTA court (more than 40 cases). We provide our clients assurance that they comply with all relevant EU legislation, including on GDPR, AML and responsible gambling. Driven by innovative and forward-looking approach we help lottery, gambling and betting operators to tackle new technological innovations such as AI and machine learning.

Due to our unique experience, we help to shape public debate on gambling and further develop consistent European case law beneficial to operators in the lottery, gambling and betting market.

Areas we can help you with

Areas we can assist you with include:

  • Compliance with sector specific rules on the organisation of games of chance
  • Complex multi-jurisdictional contracts, gaming rules and legislation
  • Procedures for the renewal/assignment of concessions and/or licenses operators in the lottery, gambling and betting market
  • Future implications of Brexit for the gambling sector
  • Assistance with privacy law & GDPR compliance
  • Advice on actions against illegal gambling operators
  • Compliance with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) rules, advertising restrictions, geo-blocking regulation and the smoking ban legislation

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