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Whether it is the rise of renewable energy, carbon reduction, competitive market pressure, regulatory developments or geopolitical risks, the energy industry is undoubtedly one of the most challenging and fast-evolving sectors of our economy.

energy-inline-119540At Pharumlegal we have developed a strong multi-disciplinary energy practice mainly covering EU legal aspects. Most of the legislation is based on, and should be interpreted in accordance with, a wide array of EU Directives and Regulations.

Experience over the years

We offer you a full range of legal services in the area of energy. Throughout the years, we have assisted major energy companies (e.g. gas transport, electricity production and distribution companies) and governments with environmental compliance, and EU energy regulation.

We have vast experience both with classic energy sources (gas) and with several forms of renewable energy, including emissions trading.

In the field of EU regulation, our team has organised multiple events and public talks, for example on the shale gas recommendation, the impact of the energy union and the EU-Ukraine gas trade under the deep, comprehensive free trade agreement.

Advantage of our team

We combine this in-depth industry expertise with creative thinking to provide you with practical and innovative solutions to help you achieve strategic, long-term success.

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