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Lotteries & Gambling

The gaming and gambling sector is going through a period of significant national and European regulatory changes, the end-result of which is as yet unknown. The rapid growth in this sector and its highly dynamic and exciting nature offer both challenges and opportunities to all stakeholders.

loteries-gambling-inline-119540Philippe Vlaemminck and his team have no fewer than three decades of experience in this sector, and are ideally positioned to provide you with strategic and long-term legal support in achieving your objectives. In recognition of our expertise, over the past years we have been continuously been awarded ‘Band 1’ ranking at global level by Chambers.

A team with experience, knowledge and commercial understanding

Our gaming and gambling practice consists entirely of expert lawyers who offer unparalleled legal experience, knowledge and commercial understanding of the sector. Our team is unique in combining in-depth knowledge of all gaming and gambling issues with its practice with a strong EU law as well as comparative legal focus. This ability to seamlessly move across EU and national jurisdictions around Europe sets us apart from many of our competitors.

The team advises governments, regulators, trade associations as well as public and private operators on gambling-related regulatory issues at EU and member state level, handling litigation (EU Court of Justice, General Court, EFTA Court, national courts), notification procedures, complex multi-jurisdictional contracts, gaming rules and legislation, licensing (including renewal), concession agreements and public procurement processes for clients.

Philippe Vlaemminck

Philippe Vlaemminck is recognised as an authority on the subject. He and his team have spoken at numerous conferences and contributed to various leading academic and industry publications. We enjoy a close relationship with regulators and operators and have collaborated in shaping the regulatory debate.

Areas we can help you with


The global and European sport sector is subject to important changes and challenges. While for many years doping was the only crucial problem, today match fixing and other international problems are the biggest threats to the survival of the sports model as we know it in Europe.

sports-inline-119540Because of our experience and our in-depth knowledge of the legal aspects under EU law and the EU case law, you can be sure that we can provide you with the best help possible.

At Pharumlegal we have broad experience and a thorough understanding of the sports sector and the international and European legal environment and can thus help you deal with the ever increasing legal complexities and numerous challenges involved.

Our field of action

In order to ensure you benefit from expert advice, we closely follow the global question of sports governance and the interactions between the specific sports governing bodies (FIFA, UEFA, etc.) and EU law (competition law & Internal market law), including:

  • Right to bet and other related IP rights
  • Sports integrity & match fixing problems
  • Sports infrastructure
  • Fair play rules
  • State aid issues


In addition, our team follows the regulatory developments at the level of the EU institutions (Art. 165 TFEU) and the Council of Europe (EPAS agreement) as well as the EEA states, and has been involved in major cases (at the CJEU) relating to match fixing and sui generis/copyright questions in connection to sport betting.

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