The international business conference on the future of Europe, its economy, considered in a broad, global context took place on 27-29 September in Sopot, Poland. Over a thousand people took part in it. This year’s edition was held under the slogan: “Globalism, bilateralism, economic patriotism? Challenges for societies and business.”

During the Forum, in live discussion, European entrepreneurs together with eminent experts (Elżbieta Bieńkowska, Jerzy Buzek, Michel Barnier, Norman Davies, George Friedman, Danuta Hübner, Jyrki Katainen and many others) talked about major economic challenges facing Europe. They focused on global changes and trade relations, major business trends, such as digitalization, robotization, circular economy and much more.

The heated debates aimed to come up with recommendations and ideas for a stronger Europe and a competitive economy; a Europe open to civilizational and technological trends. At the final gala, participants adopted the so-called Sopot Declaration.

Philippe Vlaemminck was one of the main guests in the panel on Risk in Business: Investing in Times of Uncertainty. In this session, the panelists focused on technology development, investors’ fears, legislative, governmental and EU actions likely to reduce the investment risk, places to invest  and data security. Philippe Vlaemminck insisted amongst others on the need to invest in climate change, education/creativity and data governance.


By Malgorzata Vincent